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"Duchess is a really eye catching pink and purple goddess of a wrap... Duchess is a hearty broken twill weave that won't let you down."

By Hillary at Bugglet Baby

"When it came to a ruck, this woven wrap killed it with the kush factor"

By Jay at Modern Babywearing

"Although heavier in weight the wrap was comparatively thin, indicating a higher thread count in the warp with a relatively thinner yarn. This allows Duchess to have a thinner feel but a heavier weight and increased support. The colors are vibrant, giving a bright spring or summer feel."

By LaKeta at Tandem Trouble

"With the perfect amount of stretch and strength this 100% cotton ring sling will meet all of your babywearing needs from skin to skin with a new baby to quick carries with a toddler."

By Clearwater Doula