Giving Back

Giving Back

Kush Textiles is dedicated to giving back to the community. 

We start by paying the weavers we work with a fair, livable wage for their time & talent so they can better care for their families. But ultimately, we understand the best way to stop the epidemic of poverty is through education. 

We work to ensure the weavers we work with are offered the opportunity to learn to read and write, and to learn basic math skills by bringing in a tutor during work hours. We hope that by learning these skills they can add value to their life, and earn a sense of accomplishment.

Our efforts don't stop there, however. We donate a portion of our sales to community development efforts, with the majority of the donations going to a school for the weaver's children, and children in the surrounding area. By educating the children we can help to overcome illiteracy and poverty for generations to come.

Finally, through Para Adelante, a non-profit established by two of the founding members of Kush Textiles, we are able to sponsor a woman's higher education goals.

 Para Adelante offers scholarships to women in Latin America to earn a higher education through a college degree or technical program. The scholarships include the cost of tuition, books, transportation to the school, and childcare expenses if needed.

 In 2015, Para Adelante was able to grant two scholarships, which helped two amazing women continue their efforts to better their lives, and the future of their family. To learn more, get involved, or donate directly to Para Adelante visit the website

Kush Textiles has partnered with The Carrying On Project, an organization dedicated to providing carriers and wraps to our military families. 

Through 2016 when you purchase Jules, our diamond weave in navy, red, and white we will donate 10% of the sale to The Carrying On Project.

Help us bring the joy of baby wearing to those that fight for our freedoms every day!