About the Artisans

The talent behind our products

When we set out to design a line of handwoven baby wraps, ring slings, and accessories we wanted to not only offer something truly spectacular that you would adore, but we wanted to make a difference in the lives of the weavers we work with. 

Kush Textiles is proud to say our baby wraps are handwoven by a group of artisan women  weavers in Guatemala. The weavers we work with are paid a fair trade, we ensure they have a good standard of living, and we donate a portion of our sales to fund community development efforts, such as an elementary school. 

In addition, the weavers attend onsite classes to learn vital life skills such as mathematics, reading, and writing. Plus, the weavers we work with are members of the Fair Trade Federation.

Weaving is how the artisans support their families. It is also how the Maya people express their identity and love of beauty, a way to relay their vision of the universe, earth, and humanity. They believe everything is interconnected, all are different threads of the same fabric and that unity exists through diversity.

The Maya believe they are part of the living and sacred being, the Earth, and use elements of nature to remind us of our fundamental relationship with the universe. For example, the hand embroidered middle marker featured on each of our wraps is a beautiful symbol from the Mayan culture that represents a woman's womb. By including these symbols, the weavers share their ancestors' wisdom across time and cultures.

When you purchase a handwoven wrap from Kush Textiles you can feel good knowing a portion of your purchase goes to help these amazing women improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Photos of the women used with permission, courtesy Jhonathan Gomez