About Kush

The Meaning Behind the name

Kush is a play on the word "cush", which is often used to describe how a woven baby wrap feels when you wear your baby.

Cush means different things to each baby wearer. Spongy, doughy, cloud, angel hugs, or marshmallow are all terms used to describe the feeling of cush.

In the Mayan language, K'iche, the word cush (spelled Kux) means heart or spirit. At Kush Textiles we like to say a bit of our heart goes into each baby wrap.

We know the main reason you baby wear is to hold your baby close, but we also know you love the wrap itself.

Whether it's your legacy wrap, or you are a hardcore churner, we know you want something beautiful, comfortable, and safe next to your baby.

We know the wrap you choose says something about you. About your style. About your family. We know this is important to you. We get it. 

We design and produce a limited number of styles each year. From time to time we may introduce a new colorway within a design series but there is no guarantee of this. 

Each year we will retire select designs, ensuring you will have something special, unique, and limited.

New designs will be announced on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and via Instagram. 

Select items may be sold via draw on Facebook, some may be auctioned, but the majority will be sold on our website via regular release. 

Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the purchase opportunities.

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Vision Statement

Kush Textiles strives to be a premier provider of ethically sourced, quality handwoven baby wraps, ring slings, and accessories.

Mission statement

The mission of KUSH Textiles, LLC is to (1) consistently provide a high quality sustainable product, (2) maintain honest and fair service to our customers, (3) remain engaged in the baby-wearing community, and (4) support our artisans and their families.

Ethics Statement

Our products are made using materials that are cruelty free, plant based, and sustainable, produced by artisans compensated under the spirit of fair trade.

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