Kush Textiles, LLC
Ethically Hand Crafted. Uniquely Yours.

Kush Textiles is committed to designing and producing only the highest quality, ethically produced, Fair Trade baby wraps, ring slings, & handwoven accessories.

We work with a group of highly skilled artisan weavers from Guatemala to create unique hand crafted goods.

Every item purchased from Kush Textiles not only supports the artisans, but helps to develop the Guatemalan community.

We donate a portion of our proceeds to a school for the weaver's children and those in the surrounding community.

Also, we have partnered with Para Adelante, an organization that funds educational scholarships for Latin American women to pursue a higher education as a catalyst for change.

When you purchase from Kush Textiles, not only are you buying a unique piece of wearable art woven in artisanal excellence with traditions passed down through generations, but you are part of something much bigger. You are part of an effort to bring about great change in this world.

Thank you for your interest in Kush Textiles, and for your support!